We recommend to user/client that read all available information about any market report and confirm the data information content carefully before placing the order. The market research report and services provided by Prophecy Market Insights are in electronic format and can easily regenerated/duplicated/transferred in any format or on other sites hence, we strictly follow “No Refund/Return” policy post delivery of any market research report/service. Also, the “Cancellation Order” will not be accepted after successful payment or post submission of the report.

In case of some special circumstances, the refund can be availed. In this regard the refund would be at the sole discretion of Prophecy Market Insights.

Also, in case of missing data or error in data we strongly recommend to contact our sales representative and data will be provided or error will be resolved. Also, in some cases free market research report will be offered as a refund or in case of any data error. This is subject to availability of data and Prophecy Market Insights keep sole discretion in this regard.

In addition, we offer refund in case of multiple payments, this may applies certain conditions that will be informed at the time of refund and are vary from case to case. The user/client is liable to pay all related taxes and duties as applicable in refund/return cases.

Furthermore, we offer post-purchase services such as query response and resolution to questions related with the report. Feel free to approach our sales representative in case of any queries/questions related with received report.